Engine & Components - IA II Windage Tray

IA II Windage Tray
IA II Windage Tray

IA II Windage Tray
Includes Fasteners
Without dipstick tube hole*
Price: $179.00 ea.
Part Number: IAII-WT
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The Windage tray is designed for the IA II block but works on all Pontiac V-8ís with splayed or regular main caps - both 2 bolt and 4 bolt.

  • High quality steel
  • Superior oil control
  • Will not crack or break like factory style trays with redirect curve
  • Quick Install and removal
  • Out performs glue on trays
  • All fasterners included
  • Weight 3.8 lbs.

Highly recommend for use with the IA II Crankscraper

Buy both for better racing performance!

Part# - IAII-WTRCS $199.00

IA II Windage Tray IA II Crank Scraper

IA II Windage Tray and IA II Crank Scraper (without dipstick tube hole). Fasterners for windage tray included.

Installation Notes

Install tray by applying pressure until studs appear through installation holes.

Screw on nuts and tighten. Windage tray may need to be shimmed to clear certain stroke/rod combinations.

Shims should be made from rectangular stock - washers not recommended. Shimming more then 1/4" may not allow the oil pan to fit. Rotate crankshaft several times and check for clearance.

It may be necessary to straighten louvers to clear connecting rods. Trays may need clearance by bending for certain oil pumps. It is best to fit all components.

Note: If using a dipstick tube, drill a provisional hole in the scraper.

Packaging and Handling $4.95 each order
Plus shipping charges

Crating charge for overseas shipping is $125.00†per crate. F.O.B. point of shipment origin.