Chassis & Suspension - New Design! Steel Front Motor Plate

Steel Front Motor Plate A-Body Kit 1968-72
Steel Front Motor Plate  A-Body Kit

Steel Front Motor Plate A-Body

68 to 72
36 inches long
Price: $185.00 ea.
Part Number: AP-FMP101
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Includes angles & bolts
Mounts using the 4 lower timing cover bolts.
Frees up alot of space.
You can mount an alternator to it and more.

How to install the Front Motor Plate

First, make sure the motor is in the center of the frame rails. Measure from one side of the balancer to the frame right side and then to the left side.

Cut the Front Plate so it has 1/4 inch of clearance from the frame on each side.

Put the motor in with the transmission and mid plate where you want it to be.

Check the drive shaft angle to make sure it is straight at the u joint.

When you have it set as to where the motor will be, take small blocks of steel and place one under each end of the plate as a stop to rest the motor mount on. Angle iron will also work. Weld this in place. Take the chain hoist off the motor and check the alignment again.

Cut two 1/4 X 1 1/4 X 1 1/4 X 4 inches long angle iron pieces. Clamp them to the frame and plate and mark where you want to have the two mounting holes drilled. Should be about 5/8” over and 3 inches apart.

Drill the angle iron pieces on a drill press with a .343 drill bit for a 5/16 x 18 bolts.

Next, clamp the angle iron and weld them to the frame rails. Now transfer the holes to the motor plate and you're done.

Mount the plate to the four housing bolts before you put on the balancer and rest the motor on the stops. No more plates to the heads. It is hidden so well you hardly notice the mount.

This is a great mount for dropping a motor and will be easy to do from now on.


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