Alky-Series Race Carburetor

We manufacture a complete line of alcohol carburetors
based on our current series of selections, from
“HO-Series” to “Pro-Series".

They feature all the technology & modifications of those models but are calibrated for alcohol & include Billet Metering.

AED 950 Sup-Mod HP Alky Race Carburetor

“Super-Mod” HP Alky Race Carburetor
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Part Number: AED-950M2A
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AED 950 “Sup-Mod”
HP Alky Race Carburetor
  • Wet flowed on each throttle bore
  • Computerized Wet Flowbench
  • Increased ring & bearing life
  • Alky stays in the cylinders not the oil pan
  • Alcohol carburetors are offered
    in several stages of modification

We offer a wide selection of alcohol fuel system accessories to compliment our carburetors, from fuel pumps to line kits, fuel logs, & mechanical bypass kits.

Our special belt driven fuel pumps have several great features. They have an internal bypass which requires no return line to the fuel tank saving lots of plumbing. They are extremely lightweight weighing only about 3 lbs., can be mounted about anywhere on the front of the engine, & are totally externally adjustable for fuel pressure.

Our new truly incredible pumps are bolt on mechanical pumps that are only one third the weight & size of a stock factory fuel pump but flows enough fuel for over an 1100 hp on alcohol at 60 psi!

This revolutionary pump only requires 35 lbs. load on the camshaft as opposed to 125 lbs. from a stock pump. In turn it costs no power to drive & eliminates camshaft lobe wear. It doesn’t get any better than this.

We also have a billet bypass that can be used with our manual bolt on pumps to reduce fuel volume & pressure at idle & part throttle where fuel demands are low. We also carry custom line kits, gauges, fuel logs, & about anything you could need to complete any fuel system.

500 "Pro-Series" Alky 2-bl
Race Carburetor
750 "HO-Series" Alky
Race Carburetor
750 "Sup-Mod" Alky
Race Carb
750 "Pro-Series" HP Alky
Carb (to 1.50" Venturi)
850 "HO-Series" Alky
Race Carburetor
850 "Sup-Mod" Alky
Race Carb
850 "Pro-Series" HP Alky Carb
(over 1.50" Vent)
950 "HO-Series" Alky
Race Carburetor
950 "Sup-Mod" HP Alky
Race Carburetor
1050 "Sup-Mod" Alky
Race Dominator
1050 "Pro-Series" Alky
Race Dominator

*** Billet Baseplate options
*** Billet Metering Block included in all Alky models
*** Performance Coating


Packaging and Handling $4.95 each order
Plus shipping charges

Crating charge for overseas shipping is $125.00 per crate. F.O.B. point of shipment origin.